Wedding Venues

At Circa Events, we’re delighted to manage several gorgeous Sussex wedding venues ourselves, we are also caterers at a range of other  venues, details of which you can find below. All the barn wedding venues we are proud to work with offer a picturesque and idyllic setting for couples seeking a rustic and charming atmosphere for their special day. Located across beautiful Sussex countryside (East & West Sussex), these venues combine the allure of historic barns with the tranquility of nature, creating a magical backdrop for weddings.

These venues often boast traditional timber beams, high ceilings, and a rustic ambiance that exudes warmth and character. The juxtaposition of the rustic elements with modern amenities provides a unique blend of comfort and charm, creating a welcoming space for both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations. The sprawling landscapes surrounding all of these wedding venues contribute to the overall appeal. Surrounded by lush greenery, rolling hills, and perhaps even a glimpse of the South Downs, these venues offer a stunning backdrop for ceremonies and photographs. Couples can exchange vows in the open air, with nature as their witness, or choose to celebrate within the barn itself, adorned with fairy lights and floral arrangements.

All of these Sussex barn venues also offer versatile spaces that can accommodate various wedding styles and themes. From bohemian chic to classic elegance, the neutral and adaptable settings provide a canvas for couples to personalize their celebration.  You’ll find each of these venues have their own set ups – most providing on site management teams; these professionals contribute to a seamless and stress-free wedding experience.

All of these incredible Sussex barn wedding venues encapsulate the essence of rustic romance, offering a charming and versatile backdrop for couples to create lasting memories on their special day. The blend of historical charm, natural beauty, and attentive service makes these venues a popular choice for those seeking a truly enchanting wedding experience in the heart of Sussex.


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