Menu Tasting

At the start of your wedding year, you’ll be invited to one of our tasting evenings, where we will talk all things wedding and you’ll get the opportunity to sample some Circa food. This is complimentary once you’ve booked us to be part of your day and something to really look forward to as the months before your wedding unfold!

You’ll be invited to come along to one of our venues and sample some Circa dishes, meet the fantastic events team who will guide you through the menu decision process and discuss plans for your day in detail. Usually this is when we’ll start your ‘event sheet’ documentation. There may be other couples who have their wedding booked with Circa also in attendance, much chance to swap (steal) ideas and have a few drinks as you sample our wine list. We usually ask this is just to two of you, so you have the opportunity to discuss and enjoy as a couple – we encourage you to take photos and share your experience with family and friends, after all, part of the enjoyment is in the planning!  


Like what you’ve seen? We’d be delighted to be part of your event. Get in touch with us now to find out more, ask questions, book a meeting or viewing and get plans underway!