Our Food Story

circa events roast food story

Circa Events is not just a catering company; it’s a commitment to supporting local communities and fostering a sustainable foodie experience. At the heart of our food story is a dedication to working with local producers and artisans, creating a symbiotic relationship that goes beyond the plate.

We prioritise sourcing fresh, high-quality ingredients from nearby farms and producers, establishing a network that not only guarantees the finest flavours but also contributes to the regional economy. Thus reducing our carbon footprint and supporting our commitment to sustainability in what we do. By championing local suppliers, we actively promote sustainable agriculture practices, reducing the carbon footprint associated with food production and transportation.

We believe that this commitment is reflected in the quality of the food we provide on each and every element of our menu – from the corporate buffets to the michelin inspired dinner parties, you can taste the dedication that has gone in to your menu at every step, from the farm to your plate. Each dish has a food story, and this is reflected in the standards we expect and provide with our food.

This dedication to local collaboration is not just a business strategy for Circa Events; it’s a philosophy that recognizes the richness of regional diversity and to showcase it in every aspect of our service.  We made a commitment at Circa Events to use as many local suppliers and support local businesses as much as we can. Whether that is local bottled water, artisan bread baked and delivered daily, organic meat raised in Sussex, local brewers, wine producers, or a small business growing specialist herbs from their garden in Hove.

We’re so proud of the amazing produce our community grows; on the South Coast we are lucky  to have a wealth of talented farmers and business owners bringing the best produce the UK can find to our restaurants and events. Some of our suppliers we’ve been working with for over 30 years; seen each other through thick and thin and supported each other as we’ve grown!

Below you’ll find some of the businesses that support us and supply the produce you’ll find on the table at your event.

Friends Of Circa


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