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Wedding Catering Fayre Supplier

This weekend Circa Events will be at the Wedding Fayre at the Amex Stadium in Brighton, doors open from 10.30 until 3.30pm For us, wedding Fayre’s, are a great way to meet new clients.  A one-to-one with people is the best way to find out what you are looking for.  Every wedding is different and that personal touch from the bride and groom is a very important part of the day.  We aim, and are proud to say, that we can work with all kinds of suppliers, together with the bride(because she is the boss!) to make this happen.Gone are the days of a brown buffet, food is a talked about part of the day for years to come.  Our menus aim to give you the best local,seasonal and memorable dishes for your wedding.  Menus are the starting point, and with over 25 years in catering industry Circa have built a strong following from national press coverage and food guides but probably the best award we have won is the feedback from diners that have eaten with Circa.At Circa Events we aim to offer the full package for your wedding day,from visiting you at the venue, menu tastings and one to one meetings.  We offer a full wedding co-ordination on and before your big day.  We have a “We can do anything” policy to our business and I believe that this makes us stand out as the best wedding day provider!If you have time, please come and chat with Marc and Sarah this Sunday.  We want to make your big day what you want and a day to remember!! 

Marc, owner Circa Events